“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 11opportunity cost

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 11
opportunity cost

opportunity costMother: Chinmay, the bike of yours that is in the garage, you hardly use it. Why don’t you sell it? Me: (being a hardcore fan of the Royal Enfield Bullet I felt insulted and replied with a higher tone) MAAAA… it is not a bike! It is a Royal Enfield...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 6Non-Performing Asset

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 6
Non-Performing Asset

Non-Performing Asset(Finally, I took a week off by taking my mother to Agumbe – it gets the highest rainfall in India and moreover, it is where my mother was born and brought up. My mother’s ancestral house is more than 300 years old. Her brothers and my cousins live...

Four Critical Things Every Business Owner Should Know

Four Critical Things Every Business Owner Should Know

There are only two rules in business: Rule #1: Always earn more than you spend. Rule #2: Never forget rule #1. To know if a business is earning more than its spending at any given point in time, stakeholders should know the pulse (numbers) of the business and numbers...

Who is the Finance Person in your Business?

Who is the Finance Person in your Business?

(Downloadable spreadsheet available for download on SMART Forums) The one question you must ask yourself as a businessperson – are you a finance person? Before you read this article, I need you to answer one question. Who is the finance person in your business? Is it...

The difference between Finance & Accounting

The difference between Finance & Accounting

I my last article I ended with a question – is there a difference between Finance & Accounting? I recently conducted a seminar at Holmesglen University, Melbourne. In that seminar, I asked the same question to a dozen business owners. Most of them answered ‘yes.’...

Understanding Balance Sheets

Understanding Balance Sheets

In my last article, I explained the difference between Finance & Accounting by comparing business with game of football. Let me continue the same to explain Balance Sheets. (You can read my previous article later by clicking this link) Imagine a veteran football...

Understanding Profit & Loss Statement

Understanding Profit & Loss Statement

In business, you have two basic financial statements, 1.      The Balance Sheet, and; 2.      The Profit & Loss Statement. Profit & Loss statement is like a thermometer – it tells the temperature of a business. On the other hand, a Balance Sheet will tell us...



Average reading time – 6 minutes Outcome – You will never get confused with the terms Debit & Credit after reading this article. Wanna bet? The two most widely used terms in finance and accounting are also the most misunderstood. Whenever I ask participants in my...

Difference Between Profit & Money

Difference Between Profit & Money

What is Profit? A general understanding is Profit = Income – Expenses. If income is greater than expenses profit will be a positive number. If expenses are more than income it is a loss. However, accountants are very optimistic people. They do not use the word, loss....

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 1

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 1

Sunday, 30th May 2021 at 11 AM, My mother: Chinmay, you said, you’ll be helping me in selling our farm mangoes that were plucked earlier this week. Me: when will it get ripe? My mother: in a few days. Me: please express few days in numbers! My mother: 3-4 days Me: Ok,...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 3on break-even

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 3
on break-even

on break-even(my mother, father and I were in the living room) My mother: Chinmay, tell your father with the profit I made by selling mangoes I would like to further develop our farmland. Me: (gave a typical Indian head nod) My father was pretending as if he did not...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 2on pricing

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 2
on pricing

on pricingMother: Chinmay, I don’t know what you had posted online last Sunday. I got so many calls from relatives & friends wishing me a ‘Happy wedding anniversary. Me: Ahh… you are welcome. Mother: Many also asked why did we sell the mangoes for only Rs. 50/kg? Me:...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 4McD’s strategy

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 4
McD’s strategy

McD’s strategyContext: As the lockdown restriction was eased last week, my mother and I went to our farm. We have two patches of farmland that are 5 mins drive from each other. On one farm (we call it old farm) we mainly grow mangoes and on the other (we call it a new...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 5Profit & cash

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 5
Profit & cash

Profit & cash(Earlier during the week, like most of you I had a long hectic day with back2back online meetings working from home. I decided to call it a day and came out of the room. As I was passing by the living room I overheard my mother talking to someone with...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 7money never sleeps

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 7
money never sleeps

money never sleeps (4-5 mins read) Mother: Chinmay, I am thinking of taking a bank loan. Me: May I know for what? Mother: The new person who is taking care of our farm knows how to drive a tractor. So, I am thinking of buying a tractor. Me: Hmm… and how many times in...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 131 + 1 is not equal to 2

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 13
1 + 1 is not equal to 2

1 + 1 is not equal to 2(My mother was doing her own calculation with regards to the sale of mangoes, pulp and jam) Mother: (with a low voice) Chinmay, after doing the calculation it seems I have not made the money I thought I had made. Me: that’s good. Mother: what???...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 14Your baby is ugly!

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 14
Your baby is ugly!

Your baby is ugly!(I overheard my mother speaking with someone on the phone with excitement. I got curious and stood there) Mother: (whilst speaking on the phone, she made a hand gesture) come here… Me: (went and sat next to her) what? Mother: (another hand gesture...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 15What’s plan-B & plan-C

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 15
What’s plan-B & plan-C

What’s plan-B & plan-C(15 mins drive from our farm there is a farmers market. My mother usually buys fresh vegetables from a particular vendor (let us call her Sita) as she knows her for a long time. As I accompany my mother by driving her at times to our farm, I get...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 16It’s all numbers

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 16
It’s all numbers

It’s all numbers(Last week, I went to Chennai to attend my best friend’s wedding. The moment I returned home my mother started her interrogation) Mother: Chinmay, how was the wedding? Me: Good. Mother: Did they follow Covid protocols? Me: hmm… kind of, I along with...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 17A ₹/$ saved is a ₹/$ earned

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 17
A ₹/$ saved is a ₹/$ earned

A ₹/$ saved is a ₹/$ earned Mother: (with a cheeky look and voice) Mr. Chinmay, have you seen my engineer son? Me: (I knew where my mother was heading) hmm… tell me what needs to be fixed? Mother: the tap in the kitchen is leaking Mr. Engineer Me: So, you are asking a...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 18What grows even at night?

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 18
What grows even at night?

What grows even at night?Mother: Chinmay, I heard that Government will be announcing a new scheme to take loans at a very nominal interest rate. Me: So? Mother: I wanted to check if you know anything about it? Me: Where did you hear about it? Was it someone from the...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 195 + 5 ÷ 5 = 2 or 6?

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 19
5 + 5 ÷ 5 = 2 or 6?

5 + 5 ÷ 5 = 2 or 6?(I was watching IPL cricket whilst my mother was reading some WhatsApp messages about the IPL auction. To my surprise my mother asked…) Mother: Chinmay, do you know this Australian cricket Glenn Maxwell? Me: hmm… yes, I know him but I am not sure if...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 21Same money – different forms

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 21
Same money – different forms

Same money – different forms(My mother was doing some local shopping in Mangalore. She knows Mangalore better than I do as she was living here as a student back in the 70s. She usually goes to the same local vendors/place where she always shops. And she still prefers...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 22Feminine values into finance

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 22
Feminine values into finance

Feminine values into finance(My mother’s aunt who is like my grandmother is at our home. I call her Kaveri Doddamma. There are N number of memorable moments spent with her from my childhood days. It is always exciting to have her home. Of course, when she and my...

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 23Book smart v/s Street smart

“Ma, me & mangoes” – Episode 23
Book smart v/s Street smart

Book smart v/s Street smart (I was sitting in our portico reading the book – “Stories at work” by Indranil Chakraborty. My mother joined with her regular cup of coffee.) Mother: Chinmay, what are you reading? Me: It is a book Indranil Chakraborty called “Stories at...