Do you know your Business numbers ?

In business, numbers are everything. Numbers, and only numbers, tell you if your business is making a profit or a loss. Numbers are the scoreboard, and the scoreboard is how you measure success.

If you don’t keep score, your business will run into financial trouble. Research all over the world says ‘poor financial control’ and ‘finance mismanagement’ are the main reasons for business to fail that includes even business that were successful at one time. The Finance Academy researched hundreds of failed businesses to dig deep into this issue and found common finance mistakes.

Business finance is all about common sense – something that’s not very common these days. If you make decisions based on “what feels right” or “what’s convenient,” you are making decisions based on assumption.

Using the Financial Academy approach, you will be able to

  • Understand your financial statements and their contents;
  • Demand more from your accountant;
  • Structure your business for optimal cash flow;
  • Use financial tools to enhance your business;
  • Show investors you are a sound investment and a low risk;
  • Identify and prevent the most common finance mistakes;
  • Learn the “commandments” of business finance, and;
  • Optimise your business for growth using proven business finance principles.

This program is specifically designed for business owners and second generation entrepreneurs in collaboration with senior business consultants, accountants, CFOs and financial gurus.