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"There are ONLY FOUR types of financial transactions.
Money comes in. Money goes out.
Money is supposed to come in. Money supposed to go out."

An engineer by trade, Chinmay chose to do an MBA in Australia. He thought having an MBA next to his name he could run a successful business. But after six failed start-up ventures, he sought out help and found his first mentor; who advised him to educate himself on finance – the root of how a business makes money.


Business is simple – there are only two rules in business. Rule #1: Always make more money than you spend. Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1.


We strongly believe business finance is a common-sense subject which needs to be used whilst pricing. Unfortunately, many experts have complicated it.


Financial Educator – Pricing Strategist – Business Storyteller, Chinmay Ananda is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, available to speak on a variety of business finance topics for your next conference.

  1. Data is like crude oil. It has to be filtered and processed
  2. A company will have software for accounting, ERP, CRM, POS, BI and so on. All these will generate reports that usually give different picture about the business. In other words, there will be multiple truth. The question is, which one is reliable?
  3. The above filtered data and generated reports need to be analyzed so that all the dots are connected and make sure a complete diagnosis is done.
  4. The analysis shold then be discussed and communicated in simple laymen terms using stories with the key decision-makers, so that it brings everyone on the same page.
  5. Then the decisions are to be made based on facts and not mere assumption or gut-feel or some rule-of-thumb. During this process one can have plan-B and plan-C in the pipeline so that they are being proactive rather than reactive and busy-firefighting.

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Finance Academy

For Business Owners & Financial Professionals

MBF is accredited by the ICMA (Institute of Certified Management Accountants), Australia. This program will be delivered using industry case studies, practical examples, real-life experiences, and above all, it is intentionally designed to make the subject finance, fun to learn. The participants will gain vital skills in forecasting, budgeting, costing, assessing opportunity cost, interpreting financial statements, and most importantly being proactive rather than busy fire fighting.

  • Analyze the three key financial statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Understand and use financial terms with confidence.
  • Implement cash management practices.

Business Academy

Business Is Not Just About Turnover, It Is About Left Over.

Book an appointment to learn the basics of business finance, relevant to your business. As you learn how to identify problems with confidence and revitalize perspective as you become a master of numbers, business finance, and accounting.


Behife with its business intelligence tools and learning solutions improves business performance by helping decision makers to positively impact the company’s bottomline.

Behife BI tool utilises the available data in the company from accounting, ERP, CRP and other software, filters, analyses and presents a meaningful narrative to key decision makers in the company. This brings everyone on the same page and helps them to speak the language of business – numbers!

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