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Celebrities know how to make money but they struggle to keep it.

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Business is not just about turnover, it is more about leftover.



If your decision impacts the bottom-line of your organisation then you are a finance person.



This is a MUST for anyone who would like to become a smarter finance person.


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– About Me

I constantly remind people to use common sense which is not very common

  • 2006: graduated as a Civil Engineer (still do not know why I became an engineer).
  • 2008: did MBA from RMIT University, Australia. And I thought I could run a successful business.
  • 2008 – 2010: failed in six startup ventures (nothing against MBA or RMIT University, in fact, today I guest lecture the subject of business finance management at the same University).
  • 2010 – 2013: learnt about business finance and accounting NOT from any school or college but directly from the best of the best CAs, CMAs, CFOs, CPAs, financial gurus, business owners and entrepreneurs. Little did I know I was understanding the subject of finance from an engineer’s perspective. As engineers, our mindset is a problem-solving mindset, not just a compliance mindset!
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